Digital Marketing Content

Classic Yacht Orianda

My  client wanted this video to showcase the yacht for charter business. It’s purely a visual film and shows all the things about the yacht that a potential guest would be interested in.   Its a beautiful film.  In a way this is a simple film to make if you have a good camera crew and editor. And good post production – otherwise you end up with dodgy colouring. 

An Education

The brief from the client was to increase the school intake and showcase the success of Heathfield.  The education of a child is big investment so to instill confidence and showcase results I interviewed the headmistress.  This kind of film is tricky because you are editing into an interview. Most inexperienced directors don’t ask the right questions with the right technique in the first place.  This was on of 4 films I made for Heathfield. Each was very successful bringing them a good ROI. 

 Retail Giant

The client, Maurice Bennett OBE is a retail giant – the founder of many great iconic brands such as Warehouse, Phase 8 and Coast.  He wanted to tell his story and  the formation of the Amery group. It was a particularly lovely film to make and we gave it a funny twist at the beginning to show his character. 

Classic Yacht Puritan

A very visual film aimed at displaying the yacht to potential charter guests. I’ve made several films about Puritan and its always a pleasure to film on board her.  I’ve known the yacht since early 1982.  Puritan is a 28 meter Gaff Rigged Schooner built in 1930 at the height of the American Depression and designed by acclaimed American naval architects, John G. Alden.

Making 15k a day

I went to volunteer at the Hospice but decided that I would be more useful iif I made them a marketing film.  So I made one phone call and raised the £10k budget.  It’s a difficult subject but its a compelling story, particularly the Hospice’s amazing fundraising.  In years of producing I’ve never cried while interviewing someone but I was emotionally very moved by the staff at the Hospice.  Very special people.  We took the film to the BBC for daytime viewing but were pipped to the post by Street Auction. Boo Hoo!!

Yacht Cuisine

The client wanted to bring to draw attention to the wonderful food served onboard the yacht during charter.  This video shows the yacht’s wonderful chef, Vera,  out buying produce in Monaco.  You really haven’t eaten pasta til you’ve eaten Vera’s.  

Classic Yacht Marga

Audiences feel quite emotional watching this film. The client is involved in a number of restorations and he wants to raise awareness of these yachts so I set out to tell the story of Marga’s rescue and rebuild. Yachts are like real characters in the lives of the crew and you get a sense of that from the way the shipyard owner speaks of Marga with such affection.

Classic Yacht Elena

This short film gives a taste of the potted history of this amazing yacht. Filmed in Antigua after race week – my director actually jumped from the moving yacht into a speeding launch with her camera still in hand and then carried on filming. James Bond couldn’t have done better. 

Yacht Sponsorship 

The client’s aim is to ultimately create shared ownership opportunities so that sailing is potentially available to more people. To help him achieve this I produced a number of videos about his collection of 10 meters covering the sailing, racing, craftsmenship, crew etc.

Race Crew Boss

Meeting the race crew boss was part of the brief from the client to raise awareness of classic yacht sailing and racing.  This film is one of many in the ongoing social media strategy devised for The Classic Yacht Experience.

Super Cool 

The client was keen to have a digital marketing strategy to showcase the unique approach and character of the business. This video helped raise brand awareness in social media .

It’s a Gaff

I’ve produced 45 films for the The Classic Yacht Experience. This short film for Facebook and Instagram gives an insight to the magic of Gaff Rigging as explained by Simon, the Captain of Puritan. It’s helped raise interest in Classic Yacht Sailing for both owners and crews.