Falklands – Islanders War

This is the hidden story of the inhabitants of the Falklands during the war. I’m proud that the documentary and production team won the Press Guild Award – a prestigious award voted for by journalists.

Nelson’s Caribbean Hell Hole

This has been a huge success for the BBC as a big audience winner. It’s been repeated many times. The film meets local archeologist, Reg Murphy who arrived on set carrying a 19th century skull in a domestic kitchen colander.

God’s Nudist

Probably one of the funniest film shoots ever. We pitched this at Religion at Channel 4 who not surprisingly commissioned it immediately.  Its been a huge ratings winner for them.

The People Speak

Delissa was co-Executive Producer on this project alongside Colin Firth. It’s a documentary that highlights many of our great speeches of dissent throughout our history. The voices of the dissenters spoken by the possibly the most amazing cast list ever to grace a stage at one time. 4 Oscar winners and several Bafta nominees.   The resulting documentary is a fascinating history – and the director’s brilliant use of music is inspirational.

The Great Stink

I read the book and was so fascinated I pitched the story at Channel 4. This is the hidden story of the London Sewage system and it was commissioned by Channel 4.  The documentary is about how one man’s giant engineering task  wiped out a terrible disease – cholera.

Africa’s Greatest Explorer

I’ve been lucky to produce three documentaries in Kenya. This is a history one for  The History Channel. The other film is a Kenyan Murder Mystery about Tom Cholmondley for Channel 4,  and the other documentary was for Animal Planet. It was actually  a 24 part series in conjunction with the The World Wildlife Fund.

TV Shows

The body of tv work includes history documentaries, current affairs programmes, comedy shows, factual entertainment and quiz shows.

What Killed Nelson’s Navy – BBC
The People Speak – A&E, Sky, THC
Sea Rescue – THC
Lorraine Kelly’s Big Fat Chawner Challenge – Bio
School Mum Makeover – Bio
Kitchen Sink to Catwalk – Bio
Marriage Behind Bars – Crime & Investigation
Love, Life and Prison – Crime & Investigation
Psychic Academy – Bio
Celebrity Psychic – Bio
Celebrity Ghost Stories – Bio
Sally Morgan – Bio
Falklands: The People’s War – TCH & C4
Hillsborough – THC & C4
What Really Sank the Mary Rose – THC & C4
How Britain Was Built – TCH & C5
Top Trumps – THC & C5
Brits Who Made the Modern World – THC &C5
Churchill’s Secret Spy School – THC &C4
Histerical – THC
A Kenyan Murder Mystery – C4 &THC
Planet Watch – Animal Planet and WWF
Celebrity Slimming – UKTv
Celebrity Therapy –  UKTv
Living With Murder – CI

Snap! A History of Paparazzi – C5, A&E
Africa’s Greatest Explorer – THC
Getting Over Your Ex – UKTv
Women Talk – UKTv
Men Talk – UKTv
Women Talk Breasts – UKTv
Monica and Bill – A Love Story – C5
Celebrity Lookalikes – UKTv
The Most Evil Men in History ( two series) – C5
The World’s Most Wanted Man – C5
Siamese Twins – C5
The Great Stink – History of London Sewage – C4
Scream – A History of Anaesthetic – C4
Car Sex, Hotel Sex, Office Sex – C5
Charlie Luxton’s Modern British Architects – C5
Carnal Knowledge – ITV
Unzipped – C4
The Freak Show – C4
Le Show – BBC
Baby Baby – C4
The Frank Skinner Show – BBC
The Vanessa Show – ITV
The Time and The Place – ITV
Lovecall – ITV