“Delissa Associates’ Orianda 1937 trailer attracted over 16,000 views on Facebook.  A significant increase of 15k viewers on our promos to date. Superb exposure of our business.”

The Classic Yacht Experience

“Wonderful decisions, great judgement. Love the pace, the structure, choice of shots, the archive, and adore (almost) all the music – some of it passionately!”  

Commenting on the documentary The People Speak. 

Colin Firth

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Delissa who have proven to be creative, professional and great to work with. I have been most impressed by Delissa’s ability to read our minds and deliver a great film which meets our needs perfectly.”

Anna Morgan

Heathfield School

“Delissa brought tv exposure to our brand with shows on Bio Channel, Uktv and MBC in Dubai where we have a clinic.”

Dr Rita Rakus

Dr Rakus Clinic - Knightsbridge

“We have been absolutely delighted with the service Delissa and her team provided. From the seed of the idea, to the finished film, the help and assistance was nothing less than amazing. The whole professional process was definitely done with a smile.”

Austen Grout

Just Streets Ahead

Thank you Delissa for your guidance as I created my first 30 days as a Junior Doctor video series on LinkedIn. You emphasized to me the importance of storytelling, and take after take we’d keep going until it was right.  With 50,000 views on my first video alone and hundreds of comments and likes, I have been able to engage significantly with my audience. It has been a real pleasure working with you!”
Dr Louis Clack

“Delissa and her team have helped us to raise the profiles of our classic yachts and raise awareness of sailing. We enjoy working with Delissa – we are in safe hands and she understands our aims. Her films capture everything we want to say about our love for classic yachts.  This unique content combined with the marketing strategy has resulted in an increase in our followers and great exposure for our business.”

Tomas de Vargas Machuca

The Classic Yacht Experience

“It was a pleasure to work with Delissa and all of her team. I was confident when we contracted Delissa that we would be certain to get a professional film and we did. She managed to unfold the peaks and troughs of our story in a film that balances both the light and dark of business and personal life.”

Maurice Bennett

Amery Cap

“It is truly a lovely piece of work and we are all most delighted to see it.”

Maxon Investments

Our followers enjoy Delissa’s films because they tell people about sailing – which was our objective

Rajal Bodhania

Capital Consortium Group

“The more and more I watch the film you made, it just seems to get better, it’s truly amazing what you have done for us.”

Colin Siggs

Just Property