Bum blog

by | Jan 21, 2019

Once upon a time a bum on a yacht was a bloke in need of a wash. But now it’s prolific as the ultimate marketing tool – a girl’s bottom lightly covered in a bikini skipping across a deck. A bright polyester triangle from which all marketing videos emerge.

This is all very well for marketing at men but there are now female yacht owners. And couples who buy together. So isn’t it time to update the marketing from the scantily clad bum technique. Haven’t we finally reached the bottom of the bottom. Especially as yacht ownership is in decline and with only 4% of owners in the growth of UHNWI. Advertising took a turn away from glossy but simple imagery into a story led entertainment direction some time ago. But yacht marketing is slow to grasp that shift. Buyers now expect entertainment. Wrap the yacht’s fascinating facts and figures in a good narrative arc and audiences (clients) will absorb it. Baywatch died in 1992 but lives on in Bumwatch in the yachting industry. It’s appealing but it’s a wasted opportunity. Our latest client’s digital yacht marketing campaign is… ‘butt free but works’.